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HAPSIE delivers endless HAPSINESS to young people and grown-ups alike. Our aim is to amuse 🤣, amaze 😮, and educate 🎓 everyone who follows. 

Every weekday there is a new story from one of the 10+ brilliant HAPSIE crew. Most of the time they are helping us better the environment and world around us, other times they are just being a little bit silly.

In addition to the jokes 😜 and games 🕹️, we also have daily videos of nature from Naeco and Ria... like this one Today: 


Adah Action is also on-hand to provide regular action challenges for you to take part in 🛑. These challenges help make a difference to the world around us! 


HAPSIE is free 🆓 to read online, or you can order the "HAPSIE Hodgepodge"  in print 📕 too via our shop (single edition) or  subscribe to regular deliveries (for a discount).

Finally, HAPSIE is published by Clean Planet Energy 🌍, a group set up to tackle environmental issues around the world (especially with carbon & plastic). 

So from all the HAPSIE crew.... HELLO!!!!

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