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HAPSIE delivers endless HAPSINESS to young people and grown-ups alike. Our aim is to amuse 🤣, amaze 😮, and educate 🎓 everyone who follows. We're here for all budding eco-warriors!

Every Tuesday there is a new story released online, for free, from one of the 10+ brilliant HAPSIE crew members. Most of the time they are helping us better the environment and world🌍 around us, at other times they are being a little bit silly 🤪.

HAPSIE is free 🆓 to read online, or you can subscribe to receive the monthly (printed) comic through your door 📕. Every year we also release a bumper hardback called The HAPSIE Hodgepodge!

Adah Action is always on-hand to provide monthly Action Challenges for you to take part in 🛑. These challenges help make a difference to the world around us! 

Cunning Carly Chat.png

You can also chat to Cunning Carly anytime to help better your understanding of the environmental challenges we're all facing, and get ideas about how you can help!

Or why not try out an Upcycle Activity also?

Every month Upcycle Michael helps you transform some old items into something super cool!

Rain Gauge Materials.jpg

Last but not least... in addition to the jokes 😜, we also have regular videos and pictures from our HAPSIE Beehive; and Naeco & Ria have captured videos of nature under a microscope, like this:


HAPSIE is published by the Clean Planet Foundation 🌍, a not-for-profit who are educating and taking action for the sustainable use of plastics & reduction of carbon emissions in the UK and beyond.

We launched in 2021 and now have over 300 stories to read for free online, 6 published hardback annuals, and a monthly magazine that's been running since Spring 2023!

If you ever want to order a copy from our back catalogue, you can do so right here

So from all the HAPSIE crew.... WELCOME!

Latest HAPSIE Stories: 
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