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Winter Challenge



This Season, do what you can to slow melting at the polar ice caps.

why it's important?

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In the Arctic and Antarctic, polar ice caps are melting because of human actions. When that ice is lost, the world finds it harder to cool down. The melt water flows into the sea, where it makes sea levels rise.

Unfortunately, we rely a lot on energy and materials – and sometimes we waste them. We need electricity to power our computers and phones, fuel for cars and to transport the things we buy. Even binned leftover food adds to the carbon emissions that cause global warming. But even if we can’t make a big change, every little change adds up.

How You can help?

  1. Learn about the ways we can help slow the melting ice caps.

  2. Remember that every action counts, and don’t give up.

  3. Tell other people about the real difference everyone can make.

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Adah's Action Challenge

The Challenge: Design a chart or journal page to make changes that help polar ice.

There are so many little ways to cut your carbon footprint, and every single one makes a difference in slowing the melting ice caps. Think about little changes like recycling, and switching off lights when you leave the room. Then design a chart or a journal page to record your ice-saving efforts!

You can even include fun drawings for inspiration, boxes to tick, bullet points – ways to make people feel good about completing their charts by making regular changes. Why not test it out by sharing it with your friends and family?

  • Things to think about: How can you cut your carbon footprint in everyday ways? Did the challenge encourage yourself, your friends and your family to find ways to help? Did completing a chart help you to feel like each change adds up?

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