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2024 Challenge



This month, learn about recycling when you’re away from home to help make a big difference. 

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why it's important?

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Putting your rubbish in the bin is a good way to keep our streets and parks clean, but we can do even better. Let’s help the whole planet too – by recycling, just like we do at home! 

When people can find the right place for their refuse more easily, they’re more likely to dispose of it well. In some towns and cities you’ll find colour coded recycling stations on the pavement or close to benches; but they don’t all accept the same items, and some things need extra care. For instance, some takeaway cups can only be recycled if you return them to the same café.

How You can help?

  1. Remember to recycle wherever you are.

  2. If you can’t, take your rubbish away to recycle at home.

  3. Remind others to take every opportunity to recycle.


Adah's Action Challenge

The Challenge: Make a recycling map! 

Ask an adult to help you research by walking around your area, or somewhere you visit regularly, to make a recycling map.Take note of the litter bins and recycling bins you see on the way. Write down what you can recycle, and where, on your map. Or colour code it and include a key.  

  • Things to think about: Are there as many recycling bins as litter bins? Are some items easier to recycle on the go? Is there anything that’s harder to recycle outside your home? How far would you have to go to dispose of your recycling properly? 

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