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September 2023 Challenge



This month, find out how much water it takes to make the food we eat. 

why it's important?


Did you know that a lot of the world’s fresh water is used to make food? Across the entire world, we use nearly 4 trillion cubic metres of water every year. Two thirds of that water is used to make our food; it waters the crops we eat, provides drinking water, and grows food for farm animals.

Different ways of making food, and even the packaging it’s wrapped in, all make an impact. We can’t cut back on the nutritious food that we need, but let’s remember not to waste it and try to use less to save water! 

How You can help?

  1. Find out about water use.

  2. Value your food and try not to waste it

  3. Tell others about the hidden ways water is used.

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Adah's Action Challenge

The Challenge: Find out how much water it takes to make the food you eat.

Ask an adult to help you research the amount of water it takes to make your favourite food or drink. If you can, find out how that water is used to see where it all goes. Try comparing it with alternatives and see if there’s a difference. For instance, read up on rice versus pasta, milk versus juice. How do they compare?

  • Things to think about: Were you surprised by how much water it takes to make common food and drinks? Is there a big difference between the amount of water needed for your chosen products? Remember, it takes both water to grow and cook the food!

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