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This season I want to know how where your food comes from! How far your food has travelled to reach your kitchen?

why it's important?

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The food we eat comes from all over the world! But when it travels a longer distance, more pollution is created by the trucks, ships and planes that bring it to us (called ‘food miles’).

Local produce cuts food miles, and saves the planet from extra transport emissions. If we can’t find a local option, we can look out for companies who protect the environment where the food is farmed.

How You can help?

  1. Look out for food that’s produced locally.

  2. Buy from companies that care for nature and communities where the food is grown.

  3. Start your own kitchen garden from home, you can even use a windowsill!

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Adah's Action Challenge

The Challenge: Make a map – or get creative – to show us where your favourite food comes from, and how far it travels around the world. Check the label, find the food’s origins on a map, or ask an adult to help you research a bit more. 

Share a picture or a short video (no more than 60 seconds) mapping your food’s journey!

  • Things to think about: How far does your food travel? Does it travel from a farm to a factory in another country before it reaches your supermarket? Is the same food made locally, or is only produced in one part of the world? 

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