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2024 Challenge



This month I want you to help spread the word about saving power! Can you come up with a poster that will convince people to switch off?

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Carbon-free energy now makes up around half of the UK’s power supply, but lots of the energy we use still comes from fossil fuels. They pollute the environment and emit greenhouse gases which make global warming worse.  

It’s hard to imagine that switching off a charger at home makes a difference across the world. But it’s true – our small actions can impact the world positively.

How You can help?

  1. Find out what wastes power.

  2. Look for ways to save energy.

  3. Remind your friends and family to do the same.


Adah's Action Challenge

The Challenge: Design a poster to let your friends and family know why & how they should save power!

How can you encourage people to save power? Switching off devices that aren’t being used, not leaving chargers plugged in, switching off lights when you leave the room, or not wasting hot water… 
Choose one way to prevent energy waste, or pick a few, and come up with a poster design that will make an impression! 

  • Things to think about: Will you focus on the environment, the changes to make at home, or both? Does your picture tell the whole story, or will you use writing to get the message across? Can you think of any ways to save power that most people forget?   

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