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This Season, find out about saving paper! Can you make the most of this precious resource?

why it's important?

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Forests are help the environment in many ways. They absorb carbon, make oxygen for us to breathe, and give animals a home. Every year, the world uses hundreds of millions of tons of paper, and trees are cut down to make it.

Letters and worksheets, kitchen roll, junk mail, books and magazines are all made from paper. But we can cut down our impact on forests by recycling– in fact, each ton of recycled paper saves around 17 trees.

How You can help?

  1. Choose sustainable and recycled paper.

  2. Reuse or recycle paper at home.

  3. Use reusable products instead of single-use paper.

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Adah's Action Challenge

The Challenge: Can you complete a paper-saving scavenger hunt?

Take three photos: recycled or sustainable paper, paper you’re recycling or reusing, and a reusable product that saves consuming single-use paper. Try to find all three, but if you can’t then think of a completely different example of the others in action! 

Write on both sides of notebook paper, or use old envelopes for scrap paper. Note down memos on a wipe-clean whiteboard, or swap a washable cloth for paper towels. You can even do some detective work to find out if the post your family receives is marked as sustainable or recycled.

  • Things to think about: Did you find more sustainable or recycled paper than you expected, or less? Could you find any new ways to make the most of paper? Were there any types of paper that didn’t match recycling rules in your area, or that can only be recycled in a special way?

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