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The HAPSIE Crew have their own beehive - The HAPSIE HIVE!

Without bees, this planet, would be unrecognisable. In fact, a world without bees, would be a catastrophe for life as we know it.

Set in the heart of the Wiltshire countryside, our beekeeper updates the status of the HAPSIE HIVE.

Currently our bees are sleeping through the winter and updates will start again in Spring 2024.


It is all our responsibility to take actions to protect nature. Today spend four minutes watching these wonderful creatures, and learning about their importance:

HAPSIE HIVE - Updates!
Want more nature?! Naeco & Ria use their video camera to help us see nature differently and #LetItThrive  
click below to watch their videos!
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Naeco & RIa's recent stories...
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