pronouns: she/her


Cunning Carly tricks grown-ups into being better. 

Carly views the world different to every other kid, she sees that grown up are sometimes living their lives in a way that isn’t best for the environment, or for being healthy. 

Carly is very cunning, and creates fun plans and distractions that change how grown-ups act, to help them better their ways! 

Head writer: Joseph Jasionowski  // Head Illustrator: Arman Muchtar

Character Design


story arc...


In her everyday life Carly sees grownups doing things which arn't great for the environment. Cunning Carly uses a good natured 'trick' to make grown ups change their ways.


Most episodes Carly will speak to the reader and say "It looks like it's time for a cunning Carly". Many times she ends winking at camera to show her success!


Carly's stories always fit on one page, a maximum of 12 frames.


Template Media

SCRIPT: Below you can download a template script format in PDF or WORD. Use this to guide you how best to submit a script submission. 

ART: Frame design can vary character by character, however it should always allow to be split into individual frames for the digital version, and fit onto an a4 page for the print version. 

  • Delivery Page size: a4

  • resolution: 300 DPI

  • Min-Max Panels: 9 - 12 (must fit on a single page)


  • On Page 01 leave 1/6 of a page (roughly) for a Title