pronouns: He/Him


Ham and Ru are HAPSIE’s resident changelings, their cute (but cheeky) form can change into any animal, at any time. 

The two joyful scamps are our silliest characters, and their adventures take us on a journey of coming face to face with nature, and trying to deal with them in their own quirky way.

Ham & Ru may have a very special place in the Editors heart...

Head writer: JWT  // Head Illustrator: Pratamacam

Character Design


story arc...


The part of HAPSIE ham & Ru live in is a little bit different... animals in human form, and humans in animal form... each story sees ham and Ru help 'make right' an environmental wrong.


silly, cheeky, fun, adorable. It's "Ham & Ru time" means the pair are about to enact mayhem nearby. 


Don't forget Ham & Ru can change into any animal they wish, and that often helps battle a misdemeanour. 


Template Media

SCRIPT: Below you can download a template script format in PDF or WORD. Use this to guide you how best to submit a script submission. 

ART: Frame design can vary character by character, however it should always allow to be split into individual frames for the digital version, and fit onto an a4 page for the print version. 

  • Delivery Page size: a4

  • resolution: 300 DPI

  • Min-Max Panels: 18-21


  • On Page 01 leave 1/6 of a page (roughly) for a Title