pronouns: she/her

Ignorant IKE

Oh dear... say hello to Ignorant Ike! Ike does what Ike wants! 

Every story we see Ike disrespecting nature, the environment, the world around her… and every week we see the world turn itself upside down to teach Ike a lesson! 

We love Ike, she’s lovely really, but we really hope she’ll learn to be a little bit more respectful as she grows up!

Head writer: James Home  // Head Illustrator: Albertus Ang Hartono

Character Design


IKE's story arc...


IKE tends to do something that you and I wouldn't do, and then has a learning moment. 


Ike isn't evil, she's just ignorant, and can learn. 


the Jones Family (next door neighbours) can always help drive the plot along if needed!


Template Media

SCRIPT: Below you can download a template script format in PDF or WORD. Use this to guide you how best to submit a script submission. 

ART: Frame design can vary character by character, however it should always allow to be split into individual frames for the digital version, and fit onto an a4 page for the print version. 

  • Delivery Page size: a4

  • resolution: 300 DPI

  • Min-Max Panels: 16-19


  • On Page 01 leave 1/6 of a page (roughly) for a Title