HAPSIE Autumn 2021 is released!

Wahoo! It's here! The Autumn 2021 HAPSIE Hodgepodge has been published!

Published in 300-page hardback on non-gloss eco-friendly paper, the HAPSIE Hodgepodge delivers more fun and learnings about our environment.

This HAPSIE edition includes stories from all of your favourite HAPSIE crew members, including Ignorant Ike, Lucas Litter, Upcycle Michael, Adah Action, Ellie Ment and Cunning Carly (to name just a few).

In addition to the endless comic stories helping us better the world, let's take a look at what else is inside this Autumn 2021 print-edition...

1. Endless jokes suitable for all ages...

2. Join Ignorant Ike at school for a week as she tries to learn about 'Sustainability' (hint: it's a struggle)