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The HAPSIE HIVE - World Bee DAY 2023

Today is World Bee Day 2023, And here at HAPSIE we're announcing something very special for all our readers!

Did you know?

Without bees, this planet, would be unrecognisable. In fact, a world without bees, would be a catastrophe for life as we know it.

Bees are tiny, buzzing superheroes of our planet!

They play an incredibly important role called pollination. When they fly from flower to flower, sipping on sweet nectar, they accidentally pick up pollen, which is like tiny grains of gold, and then drop some of it off at the next flower they visit.

This pollen transfer helps flowers to create seeds and fruits. In fact, many of our favourite foods, like strawberries, apples, and almonds, wouldn't be around without bees' hard work. However, bees are facing tough times because of things like pesticides and loss of their natural homes.

Protecting bees is like protecting a precious treasure that helps our whole planet thrive, so we should do everything we can to take care of them. Remember, every bee counts!

So for 2023, we're INTRODUCING THE...

To celebrate World Bee Day 2023 we're introducing THE HAPSIE HIVE.

Set in the heart of the Wiltshire countryside, check back through the Summer of 2023 for updates of the HAPSIE HIVE on the 'NATURE' page. Over 50,000 bees working their magic for our planet!

... And also, why not spend a few minutes watching our BEE video too! The HAPSIE team filmed this for World Bee Day with the support of our publisher, The Clean Planet Foundation...



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