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The Summer Hodgepodge is Released!

Yesterday Stefon Back took us back in time to the time of Johannes Gutenberg...

...We knew when we saw a story about the person who introduced printing to Europe with his printing press, that something must be in the air!

Well, we were right!

Today the HAPSIE team are delighted to announce that the first EVER HAPSIE HODGEPODGE has been released!

And here it is....

Filled with 300 pages of eco-warrior friendly comics, games, challenges, colouring-in and more, the HAPSIE Hodgepodge is designed to be read by any reader who is a budding eco-warrior!

So whoever you love, your favourite HAPSIE crew members are waiting for you inside!

The hardback Hodgepodge is available to subscribe or buy at, and is published by Clean Planet Energy.

Purchased already? It's heading out the door today to a doorstep near you soon!

The HAPSIE Hodgepodge - Summer 2021


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