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The Winter Ho-Ho-Hodgepodge is available on pre-order + Black Friday offer!

Hold onto your stockings, start buying that reusable wrapping paper... the Winter 2022 Hodgepodge has been released on pre-order! Plus we have a very special black-Friday offer for you!

Filled with 200+ pages of holiday & Christmas eco-warrior friendly comics, games, activities, and more, the Winter 2022 HAPSIE Hodgepodge is designed to be read by any reader who is a budding eco-warrior!

your favourite HAPSIE crew members are waiting for you inside, including special Christmas and Holiday season for you to enjoy!

PLUS - we which upcoming writer will win the competition for our new HAPSIE crew member?!

Buy the HAPSIE winter on pre-order now!


To celebrate Black Friday and the run up to the holiday season, a HAPSIE bundle has been released featuring all editions released in 2021 (Summer, Autumn, Winter).

You can purchase this bundle, with 800+ pages of environmental fun, with a 20% discount (compared to buying all editions individually), for just £47.98. - Buy the bundle for someone (or yourself) for Christmas, right here.



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