pronouns: she/her


Adah Action is all about making change happen. Action is in her name, and action is in her nature! 

Adah helps teach & show our readers all about the differences they can make to the world, even if it seems quite big and scary at times! 

Sometimes we follow Adah on a protest, or see her writing to her local representative. Adah is also kind enough to host a regular “Adah Action Challenge” on HAPSIE.com where we can all get involved. 

Head writer: PD Loupee  // Head Illustrator: Yusup

Character Design


story arc...


Adah teaches us about how to make a positive difference. We join Adah at a protest, event, petition, or simply in the community garden, she teaches those around her how to make a positive difference. 


Adah is very direct, and doesn't understand why people won't take actions to help better the world. she doesn't suffer fools gladly.


Don't forget young Tony is always on hand to ask the questions that the reader may want help with...


Template Media

SCRIPT: Below you can download a template script format in PDF or WORD. Use this to guide you how best to submit a script submission. 

ART: Frame design can vary character by character, however it should always allow to be split into individual frames for the digital version, and fit onto an a4 page for the print version. 

  • Delivery Page size: a4

  • resolution: 300 DPI

  • Min-Max Panels: 12


  • On Page 01 leave 1/6 of a page (roughly) for a Title